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SHORT STORY: Mary (Part 2)

Sunny Side Coast’s Cabin


    Mary saw as Jasmine gazed in horror at the knife she held. She wasn’t about to tell Jasmine what the knife was really used for.


“No! No! Stay back, stay away from me!” hesitated Jasmine as she slumped back into the corner.


“Oh this, this is just blood from an animal,” stated Mary.


“Why on Earth would you be killing animals?” cried Jasmine.


“Well, my family just does things a little more old school. I don’t want anybody to judge me for my weird habits. On a completely unrelated note, I have bacon, do you want any?” question Mary.


“No way, that’s disgusting. How are you able to do this at camp?” asked Jasmine with a disgusted manner.


Before Mary could answer Jasmine stormed out. She was going to tell her cabin leader, but remembered she didn’t say sorry, and didn’t treat Mary the best. She decided to keep it her secret, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to investigate.


   Jasmine plugged in her ear pods, turned on her favorite song, and set an alarm for three in the morning. She was going back to that cabin to see what was really going on.


Sunny Side Coast’s Trail


   She ran on the rocky path, the rocks crunching up a storm beneath her feet. She ran and ran, until her feet knocked on the splintered wood slabs of the cabin. She made her way into the cabin, of course not forgetting to close the door behind her. She saw familiar objects such as: the old cabin door, and the old photograph laying on the ground, already collecting dust. She observed the knives at a closer view, finding nothing. She moved to the cabinet, picking up the old picture, and comparing it to a picture of a beautiful girl with golden brown hair, and ocean blue eyes. The picture was obviously newer, due to the fact that it was in color. She flipped over the photo, revealing the date: July 13, 1992. She was quite confused, the last picture was taken in 1952, then  jumped to 1992. She did see that the written date was from the same person. She didn’t get to investigate to closely, because the noise of someone entering the cabin alerted her.

“Jasmine, why are you in here?” Mary questioned.


“I…I, well, I know that the story you’re giving me isn’t true,” Jasmine stated with confidence, demanding a better answer with her glare.  


“Well…Well…You’re pretty smart, unlike some of my other victims,” stated Mary with a sickening horror behind her voice.


“ How do you have this picture from 1952? You wouldn’t have even been alive,” demanded Jasmine curiously and hesitantly.


She feared the answer she might receive.


“Since it’s too late to cover my evidence now, I’ll just tell you. I’m not 13, I was born in 1939, but with accidental conditions I received after being exposed to radiation, I now don’t age physically,” admitted Mary.


“You’re insane, get away from me,” cried Jasmine.


It was too late, Mary had grabbed a knife before entering into the cabin, killed Jasmine, went to the front office, got Jasmine’s camp photo, and hid her body. She stuffed the photo in the cabinet. She still hasn’t been caught. Every year she kills a girl, and hides her photo in the cabinet. She waits for her next victim at this exact moment.

Based on the movie Orphan.

By: Ireland Rathbun

Photo Credits: You tube

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