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REVIEW-Ranger’s Apprentice

In the wonderful world of Araluen, the Rangers fight off the bad and rat out all the criminals in the provinces. Will, a young orphan without a last name, is approaching the time in his life where his leaders must choose his profession. He wants to go with the greatest honor, knighthood, however he is not built to be one nor is the head of knights willing to except him. Halt, a ranger, gives the baron, or leader of Will’s province, a note. He does not say what it is about and Will is very curious as to what it says. So, as in any classic book, the main character goes to find out what the note says. Just as some background knowledge, the Rangers are a queer and revered folk. Nobody socializes with them for fear of their mysterious nature. They always wear a molten green and gray cloak with a hood to blend in with forest surroundings. The Rangers always wear their hood over their faces. Will does not want to be a Ranger. He feels like he would be an outcast even from his fellow orphans. Continuing on, Will makes it past the guards to the tower where the secret note is hidden and climbs up the tower to the Baron’s office. Will climbs through the window and finds the note sitting on a desk. As he goes to pick it up, Halt’s hand shoots out of nowhere and captures Will before he can get the note. This book is full of fun and is a wonderful read in summer or school.

For those who love action-packed books, this is for you. Will goes on many adventures during this book and sees a decent amount of plot twists. The only regrettable thing about Ranger’s Apprentice is the amount of swearing. The “d”, “a”, and “h” words are used very frequently.

All in all, I would give this book a 100 out of 100. If you are interested, the author is John Flanagan and there is a whole series of twelve books.


By: Tessa Geigle

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