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Escaping was all Caleb had on his mind lately. He knew he wouldn’t be safe until he was at Accrington. It was hard living in Stanster, a place where you either live on the street or in destroyed homes. It’s illegal to escape Stanster, punishable by death in fact.

“Today is the day,” Caleb whispered to himself as he walked out of the rundown house he lived in. “I will escape today.”

Over the last few weeks, Caleb had been developing a plan to leave the home he loathed. It would be extremely difficult though, due to the nine foot wall surrounding the small town. His idea was to go through the rain drainage system that leads out of Stanston. As far as he knew, everyone who had tried to leave Stanston before had never gone through the drainage system, so it shouldn’t be too heavily guarded. At least, that’s what Caleb hoped. Truth be told, there are at least 1,000 guards that patrol the wall at all times.

Soon, the sun began to set, and Caleb knew that it was time to make his exit. He grabbed an extra set of clothes, threw on some stolen sneakers, and placed a photo of him and his parents in his pocket, before heading to his escape route.




It had been a normal day for Annabelle, strolling the castle gardens as usual. She had always loved watching the flowers slowly bloom and smelling their wonderful scent.

Most days, Annabelle falls asleep to the lovely aromas and the animals chirping and croaking their own unique tunes. Today, though, was different. Today, she heard gunshots among the blissful sounds of nature. She ran as fast as she could to the wall that surrounded Stanston even though all her life she had been told it was dangerous.

Looking around, she saw what seemed to be a lifeless body on the ground. Tired of running, she walked the last few yards and began to make out the figure of a boy. His sandy blond hair was drenched in fresh blood.

She tried to wake the boy by shaking his shoulder but it only resulted in her hand being covered in his blood. After waiting a few more minutes, Annabelle felt it was pointless to stay there so she stood and began to walk away.

“Wait, no please,” the boy whimpered as if it took all of hs strength to say it.

The plea was ineffective because Annabelle was too far away to hear. What she did hear, however, was his weak body falling back to the ground after a futile attempt to get up.

“No!” Annabelle screamed at him as she turned back around, “Let me help you.”

It took awhile for Annabelle to help the boy back to her kingdom and to her room. “I’ll go get you some bandages for your wound,” Annabelle told him after acknowledging more blood slowly covering his body and a gunshot wound on his arm. “Please try not to move around too much in order to try to stop the bleeding.”

With that, Annabelle closed the door and left the strange boy in the room.

Yeah right, there’s no way I’m staying here,” Caleb thought to himself. But, as he started to lift himself up, his arm collapsed underneath him and he fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Suddenly, two tall, armed men burst through the door and one shouted: “Princess, are you okay?” The men searched the room for the princess but, when their eyes landed on Caleb, they both drew their weapons and asked, “What have you done with the princess?”


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Flickr


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