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EDITORIAL: Girls’ Pockets, or the Lack Thereof

Has anyone else noticed how maddening girls’ pockets are? If they’re not sewn up as useless fake pockets, then they are too small to fit anything like your hands or phone. And why is that tiny “penny” pocket, which randomly shows up in the right pocket, a thing? I, for one, have just about given up on the pockets in my jeans, especially when compared to how large and accessible mens’ are.

Sewn pockets, or fake pockets, are very common in ladies’ fashion. The thing is, we really only have ourselves to blame for this dilemma. On, it lists three reasons why women’s clothing are made with fake pockets or none at all.

  1. It’s cheaper.
  2. Pockets break up the popular smooth form.
  3. Pockets become stretched out.

It all comes back to cash. Fashion designers and creators spend more time and money on popular designs. That extra money comes from getting rid of pockets. Also, as most jeans today are “skinny” or form-fitting, having that extra material for pockets bunched up in the front would look like a mistake. Jeans with pockets would probably not be bought, which would mean less of a profit for businesses. Lastly, if companies did make pockets, it would likely be made out of cheap fabric that wouldn’t wear well, as their main focus (and money) would still be on the overall design. One more thing I’d like to mention is that tiny pocket inside the front pocket. Who hasn’t wondered about its purpose and origins? On, it also answers this question. Originally, it was a pocket used by miners and railroad workers to hold their watches. Who would’ve thought? Now, though no longer a necessary fashion accessory, these pockets are still around because we’ve gotten so used to them. So while it’s unlikely you’ll ever use this pocket, it will likely be around for your whole life.

In conclusion, the pockets on girls’ jeans and pants are annoying, but this is really our own fault. Also, as the need for pockets becomes less and less, this problem is really not a major problem. So perhaps it’s alright if we let fashion take its course.


By: Becky Wood

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