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Photojournalism:Band Concert

Picture 1 - Empty Auditorium
This is an empty auditorium awaiting excited students and proud parents/ other relatives to fill it’s many seats.
Picture 2 - Jazz Band
The first to play are a talented group of eighth graders that make up our school’s Jazz Band. They played “Route 66” arranged by Paul Murtha, “Maybe Someday” by Erik Sherburne, and “Mamacita!” by Chris Sharp.
Picture 3 - Seventh Grade Band
After the Jazz Band performed, the seventh grade band hurried onto the stage. Here, Mrs. Duce is talking to and encouraging the band. In the short time they were on stage, the seventh grade band played.
Picture 4 - 7th Sitting Down
“Imperium” by Michael Sweeney and “Dark Ride” by Randall Standridge.
Picture 4 - 8th Sitting Down
These two pictures are of the seventh graders (green shirts) and eighth graders (grey uniforms) sitting down in their seats onstage with their music and instruments in hand.
Picture 4 - Trash Can People
Next up was a specialized eighth grade percussion band who plays with trash cans as their drums. This eight-man team played the song “Fresh Trash” by Ed Argenziano.
Picture 6 - 8th Band
The eighth grade band played last yet still were phenomenal. They played “Shimmering Joy” by Tyler S. Grant and “Whispers of the Wind” by David Shaffer.

Great job to all who participated in the band concert.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Peyton Erb

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