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On normal Wednesdays, we get out of school at 2:10pm instead of the normal 3:10pm. This “early release” schedule includes shortened periods and the hour-long Greenfield Support and Connect (GSC) class. GSC brings with it mixed emotions on the teachers’ and students’ part.

Personally, I could do without GSC. Yes, it’s nice to take time to discuss issues and questions about our campus, but overall I feel it accomplishes little. When asking Andrew Catchpole (8) his opinion, he agreed with me and said, “We talk about stuff I already know, like that whole thing about cleaning up trash.” I can see his point. GSC sometimes ends up as a lecture to the kids who already do pay attention, and another hour to space-out for the kids who don’t really care. Kinley Jackson (7) also finds the GSC time lacking in some respects. “It’s not really helpful. Honestly, we do nothing; we kind of just sit around.”

On the other side though, many teachers find GSC beneficial. “It’s useful for helping the students. I’d say 60% of the class appreciates it,” said Mr. Segebart. Mrs. Byers similarly stated that GSC was a convenient hour for more talking and teaching. “GSC was created because of the implementation of chromebooks, and as a time for extracurricular instruction,” she said.

So while 7th and 8th graders may agree that GSC is not very enjoyable, the faculty and staff feels that on the whole GSC is a good and constructive time period. And, as GSC only happens once a week, teachers and students are at a compromise.


By: Becky Wood

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