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Other: Strawberries

When it comes to strawberries many people wonder: “Why are strawberries so beneficial to our body?” While strawberries are delicious, there are some cons to this fruit.

Strawberries aren’t as healthy as you may think. They are low in protein, fat, and vitamins, things that are vital to the body. Strawberries are also low in sugar. But, we don’t need too much sugar in our body. When the body isn’t receiving enough protein or calories side effects like muscle cramping and fatigue begin to occur. And although, strawberries contain vitamins, it’s not as many as other fruits. There are benefits to this tasty snack. But, when it comes to eating strawberries, it is very inefficient to the body because you are not receiving as much calories as you need to. In order to collect the amount calories you need, you would need a very large portion to receive all off the calories and nutrients.

They have tons of fiber and antioxidants located in them. Strawberries are also sodium, fat, and cholesterol free. They have a low count of calories, which can sometimes supportive to the body. This yummy food can also improve our heart-health and immune system, because it’s packed with vitamin c and folate, which supports your immune system by toughening it. This is full of antioxidants, which help fight the free radicals and absorb iron. Overall, this red fruit can make us stronger.

In conclusion, strawberries can contain many pros and cons that deal with our body. While it is true they can be mouthwatering, they can also sometimes make us question ourselves. Nonetheless, we can all agree they are delicious.


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: Medical News Today

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