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Profile: Keegan Adams

Keegan Adams was born on March 25th ,2005 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the fourth child and has three other older sisters. As a child, Keegan was very active. He liked to explore new things, especially new sports.

Keegan has an adventurous personality. His favorite colors are green and red. He absolutely loves steak and during his free time he plays video games ,participates in baseball, and watches YouTube. On the weekends, he hangs out with his friends and goes to the mall. Since Keegan first started, he has admired school. When it comes to sports, Keegan has played many. Growing up he played football, golf, and baseball. However, as he got older, he enjoyed baseball more than any other sport. He’s played for nine years. He has never been a dull type of person. Keegan is always full of laughter and kindness. Many friends and family members enjoy his company. “Keegan is a bright student, but his potential is much higher than he thinks,” said his English teacher, Ms. Hopkins. As Keegan became older, he has struggled a little bit in school. He admits that he has struggled with subjects like English and Science. He says that once he had got to junior high, it had gotten a little harder for him. He tries his best and has been able to keep decent grades these last two years in junior high.

In conclusion, Adams is an excellent student athlete. Academically and athletically, Keegan has always given his full effort. He is very passionate about himself and has a very bright future ahead of him.


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: Vector Stock

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