Running through classrooms, sneaking through hallways; Avey Schulz and her camera ensure nothing is safe from the school newspaper. For this edition, Agent Schulz has been peeping into and spying on 7th grade classes, and maybe even you!

Boy's P.E. Picture - PJ
At the soccer field, seventh grader boys toss the footballs around and scrimmage. The cloudy skies above don’t stop them as they run to make a touchdown. Who will win is the question on all of their minds.
Girls P.E. Picture - PJ
The girls exercise by beginning with TABATA then finish with relaxing yoga. The ski-jumping is only one of the many required rounds of the exercising. Even though they may be sore, relaxing with peaceful yoga is what they’re looking forward to.
Englsh Picture - PJ
In Ms. Russell’s classroom, students listen to their teacher’s directions and begin their work. The detailed regulations to make their tasks perfect are critical for the success of the overall assignment.
Science Picture - PJ
In Mr. Segebart’s science class, the kids play rounds of challenging Kahoot to test their knowledge of animals and ecosystems vocabulary. The students try to click the right answer and end in first place.
Social Studies Picture - PJ
Mrs. Turley’s students type or write their final drafts of the DBQ assessment. The clock continues to tick closer and closer to the end of the hour. Will they get it in on time?
Math Picture - PJ
In Ms. Dewarrat’s class, the kids work on their assignments and have the opportunity to listen to music or work alone. As soon as they finish, the students can either play games or work on other homework.

Hopefully you enjoyed this sneak-peek into a junior high schedule. Be on the lookout for more photojournalism by Agent Schulz, both on our website and maybe in your class.


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: Avey Schulz

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