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Track is a fun and active sport that is easy to participate in, but what exactly do you do?

For starters, we run a 400 meter (one lap around the track) then stretch for about 15 minutes. For the next 15 minutes we do our line drills. After a quick drink break, we separate into groups based on what our main event is: distance, sprinting, throwing, or jumping. These groups do personalized conditioning for the rest of practice. As many athletes participate in more than one event, coaches allow them to split their time to sharpen their other skills. Track practice is Monday through Thursday from 3:25-4:45pm. On Wednesdays, track still doesn’t start until 3:25pm, so many athletes choose to walk down to Circle K and buy a drink before coming back.

At track meets (on Tuesdays), we put our backpacks down and go through the regular warm-ups. We wait impatiently for our events to be called so we can split off and sign-in. To sign in, you tell them your first and last name. (Runners get told their heat and lane and begin warming up.) When away meets end, parents have the option of either signing their child out or waiting at Greenfield where the track bus will drop them off. 

All in all, track is a really fun sport that you can participate in. If you’re wanting to stay active and you enjoy running or other field events, come join track. I promise you won’t regret it.


By: Avey Schulz

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