Know the Rules: Testing Tips

From Tuesday, April 9th, through Thursday, April 18th, our school will be under that eerie and nerve-racking spell of silence. Students, also caught in the witchery, will be working through the seemingly endless problems and questions of AZMERIT.

As we all know, this gloomy picture of the testing weeks is exaggerated. AZMERIT is not as bad as many kids stress. Teachers have been preparing us for this all year. However, if you are still feeling nervous, this compilation of testing tips should help.

First, get a good night’s sleep, eat a filling breakfast, and drink plenty of water. As teachers have mentioned this multiple times, you should be planning on doing so. Second, don’t engage in negative talk with other kids before the test. (For example, don’t go around telling everyone “I’m gonna fail” or agree with your friend that “I haven’t studied at all”.) Third, don’t be afraid to use your scratch paper during the test, whether for calculating or even a bit of relaxing doodling. Fourth, focus on your own work. Ignore the kids who finish faster than you, because worrying about them won’t help you. Lastly, if possible, sit as close as you can to where you first learned the information. It should help you remember.

Following are some more tricks for test-taking that I found on which you can use during the test.

-have an answer in your mind before reading the options

-look for similar words in the question and answer

-if two options are opposite, the real answer is likely one of them

-watch for extreme wording

-the most common multiple-choice answer is “c” followed by “b”

-the option “none of the above” is rarely correct

-write down all the steps to a multi-part question

While none of these methods are foolproof, hopefully you feel a little more prepared for the testing coming up. In the end, all you can do is your best.


By: Becky Wood

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