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REVIEW: How do Students Choose Their High School?

The hot rivalry between Highland and Gilbert High has been going on for years. Although some students have a choice of what school they are going to, others were given no options. School boundaries and parental guidance has kept kids from making a decision based on self-preference. When interviewing a few students, I found that most didn’t really care, or were only going to their separate schools because of the school position.

To begin, I asked Malina Cannon, eighth grade, where she was going to high school, she replied, “Highland, because of the boundary.” When I pressed Cannon for more details she explained, “The colors are way prettier, but it all depends on how you look at it.” I believe this is most of the schools opinions. When interviewing Golden Thibaudeau (8) the same question I asked Malina, his answer was similar, “Gilbert, because it’s close.” Then I asked Golden: If you had a choice, would you go to Highland?” Thibaudeau answered with a confident, “Yes.” When I asked him why, his response was interesting, but not surprising, “Friends.” Many students in junior high do the things they do based off of their friends. Kate Votaw, eighth, is also going to Gilbert, but for a different reason. Kate answered, “Gilbert, because my sister goes there.” All of the students that I interviewed are only going to their respective schools due to practical reasons. I therefore conclude that most of the rivalry between Highland High and Gilbert High  are based off of sports, and mostly for the teams themselves; not the schools they play for.

In conclusion, Highland and Gilbert are both great schools. Neither one is better or worse, which is all a matter of opinion anyway. Please comment below on what school you are going to and why. Thank you for your support!


By: Tessa Geigle

Photo Credits: Youtube

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