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Motivational Quote: C. S. Lewis


I chose this quote because it motivated me and showed me that I have the capacity for something more in this life. Whenever I read this quote it gives me hope for the future and helps me realize all the possibilities, whether good or bad, that may come. I truly believe in living up to the highest standard you can set for yourself because of who it will make you. The misconception of get high now or never is a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of life. If you are going to be someone or to make a difference, getting high now will lead to the never of your life. Chose to be responsible for your actions. Be proactive. I realize many of us are going to be moving on soon to high school. These next four years will matter, but not as much as the everyday choices that you make along the way; from what you’re wearing to how you talk to who you sit by at lunch. These little things, believe it or not, make a HUGE difference in who you are on the inside. The age of driving isn’t that far away. Are you going to set high standards for when you drive, how you drive, and if your parents know where you are? I know we all want to be independent, but our parents are a lot smarter and more experienced. It isn’t being a baby to ask for their help. College isn’t that far off either. Choosing to keep your grades high, and working hard during the year will lead to better opportunities for you later. To end this year off well, let’s all go out with high standards and even higher goals. Farewell, Grizzlies, farewell.


By: Tessa Geigle

Photo Credits: WordPress.com

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