To everyone’s delight, summer is quickly approaching. Kids are happily planning how they are going to spend their school-free days. Have you considered signing up for a job this summer? Working as a lifeguard is a great way to fill the gaps in your schedule and your empty piggy bank.

On, it lists general requirements for becoming a lifeguard. The qualifications include: you must be fifteen, able to swim 100 yards without resting using either freestyle or breaststroke, successfully dive to retrieve a 10 pound brick and return it to the surface, and tread water for one minute without using your arms. (You may have noticed that you are unable to fulfill some requirements, like the first one, at this point in your life. This is still a great job to work and wait for.)

You should know what you’re getting into before signing up to be a lifeguard. First, it’s more than just watching people swim. You will be responsible for checking the pool’s cleanliness and safety daily, and are expected to react quickly and calmly to any emergency situation. Endurance, stamina, and patience are recommended, as this job requires prolonged standing and swimming.

Specific information about Gilbert lifeguards can be found on, where it explains details about the lifeguard training courses that take place at our very own GrJHS pool. Speaking of the Greenfield pool, it will open for public swim on May 25th and won’t close again until July 27th. The hours are Monday through Friday from 1pm-4:30pm, and Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. Entry fees are $1 for a child and $3 for an adult. More information (on topics like pool passes) can be found at

Well, now you know about one of the greatest careers for kids out there. If you’re fifteen, a good swimmer and enjoy being in the pool, and have a lot of free time this summer, you should definitely consider becoming a lifeguard.


By: Becky Wood

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