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OTHER: End Of School Projects And What to do for summer

As a student, you may be starting to shut down. You may think that since it’s the end of the year and all, that shutting down is okay. Well, it’s not. Teachers are getting fed up, angry, and most of all disappointed. They still expect us to finish out strong. For example, some classes like English, Math, and Social Studies are trying to throw in some last minute, 100 point projects before the end of the school year. Stay on task, focus, and stay concentrated. Now that the serious facts have been stated, let’s talk about something fun; summer. All of us may be doing something totally different things, but I’m going to be focusing on some of the most fun things to do over this burning hot break.

Do you have any fun summer plans in mind? I know I sure do, my summer is basically going to be a non-stop rendition of all the office episodes, and constant swimming. There’s definitely better things, and more productive things I could do with my time, which I’ll go ahead and present them to you. One thing you should do over the summer is obvious; swimming. During the vicious heat, there’s no better way to cool down other than by swimming. Another thing you could do that would be really productive and fun; cook. Everyone has to eat food to survive, so why not perfect your cooking abilities? And if all else fails; vacay. You can’t go wrong with a nice vacation to get out of the house and see the world.

Now, let’s get down to some serious matters concerning social studies. Most of us are or were doing a project over the types of New Deal programs. This requires research, concentration, and most of all determination. It’s really not a hard project, were making a poster or an audio recording about the program you selected, and researching about it. If you stay on task and try your best, chances are you’ll receive an “A”.

Math on the other hand is not as easy; chances are your math teacher has been giving you projects, upon projects for the past two or three weeks. That’s because they need something to keep us busy. We obviously don’t have enough time for another unit or for another test, which is why they’ve been counting these projects as test grades.

As the end of school comes to a near, we need to remember to keep trying hard at our work, and focusing on how were going to finish out the finals. It’s only six days until school is over, so do your work with a good attitude, focus, study for the finals, and have a fun summer!


By: Ireland Rathbun

Photo Credits: Washington Post

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