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SHORT STORY: Escapee Part II

Caleb sat in the princess’s tower, unable to move. The men stared past their weapons and searched his face for answers. The guard barked orders, but Caleb wasn’t listening. All he had on his mind once again, was escaping.

The guards started to pull bookshelves down, and rip up the rugs. They flipped the bed over, and that was when Caleb noticed the window. He struggled to stand and carefully walked over to look out of it. It held no glass and he watched as two guards were walking just below the ledge. Caleb looked back at the room and took a leap of faith.

He started falling out of the window and felt the crash of landing on the two Accrington guards. He scrambled up and started sprinting, out of Accrington. Before he knew it, Caleb saw the dark, looming walls of Stanster. He stopped and turned to go in the opposite direction, but dozens of Accrington guards were charging toward him. He looked the other direction and saw the Stanster guards with guns drawn. He stopped, sweat running down his face as he noticed an Accrington guard lunging to grab at his feet. Caleb jumped up, landing on the guard’s shoulders. He looked up as another tried to grab at him. Caleb used the first guard’s shoulders to propel himself into a flip over the other guard. The thoughts of returning to Stanster clouded his thoughts as he made the decision to run back to Accrington.

Caleb ran through a courtyard and alleyways, trying to get the guards off his tail. He looked towards the castle and ran towards it. As he entered, he quickly ran into a room and slammed the door shut. Caleb took a minute to breath when he noticed he wasn’t alone in that room.

“Young boy,” the man on the throne beckoned, “why are you running?”

Caleb struggled to find words.

Then the door burst open to reveal the girl who had saved him. Guessing by the crown, he assumed she was the princess. “Boy,” she laughed, “there you are, Fam.”

Caleb looked back at the queen and king as they both raised an eyebrow. Caleb’s hands started to sweat. “Did they know I had escaped Stanster? Were they going to send me back?” he worried. Caleb stuttered as the princess gave him a deceptive look.

“No!” the princess suddenly yelled, as Caleb felt a bat hit him in the head.  As his vision blurred and his body became limp, he saw the princess being forced away by the guard’s weapons and a strong hand dragging him to what he assumed was his death.



Caleb woke up on a truck with a canopy over the top of it. He was handcuffed to the side and watched as the view of Accrington faded. He fell back, tears in his eyes, as he continued to ride all the way, back to the dreaded Stanster.


By: Avey Schulz

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