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OTHER: Teen Edition – Sleep Schedule

When it comes to teenagers and their sleeping schedule, it isn’t very accurate. Nowadays there are,“early birds,” and, “night owls,” because people prefer to stay up late rather then go to sleep early or the opposite. However this usually negatively affects the body the next day.

To start, what are night owls? Night owls are people who tend to stay up late at night, or to early hours of the morning. Technically night owls who, involuntarily can’t fall asleep for multiple hours after a certain time, may have developed a sleep phase syndrome. However according to, “Many people that are considered a night owl have lower brain activity.” This means it takes awhile for their brains to fully function or to sync.  In paragraph three it states: “This lower brain activity with night owls was linked with poorer attention, slower reaction times, and increased sleepiness through the hours of a typical work day.” This causes teens to not do well in school. In fact, teenagers have a tendency of staying up late and therefore getting few hours of sleep. This can increase their percentage of low performance.

There are many benefits of being an early bird, especially for the age group of adolescents. One benefit of waking up early is that you will be more successful throughout the day, and be able to get more thing done. On, it states, “If you are an early bird it helps you sleep better at night.” Also one of the benefits of being an early bird is that you usually start the day off in a good mood. Although a lot of people may dislike waking up early, it has many health benefits to a person and their everyday life.

In conclusion, depending on whether or not you are an early bird or a night owl, you are still different. Based on both of these categories they can define you as a person, even though they are two very common characteristics.They have their own pros and cons. Overall it doesn’t necessarily matter which one you are as long as you are stable, and have the right health.


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: HealthyWoman

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