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Short Story: The JH Drama…

As the year began to end, I guessed everyone was becoming more and more lazy. As I walked into class, something felt off. Nobody was showing up to school, just because it’s the last three weeks of school. As everybody began to settle down, Ms Parsons told us to get out our vocabulary homework. You wouldn’t believe what happened! Nobody had completed their vocabulary homework. Parsons was so heated.

“Are you serious? You guys had over a week to complete this!” ranted Ms. Parsons.

After Parsons got done telling us about our schedule for the next week, we began our vocabulary test. That day, I knew she was very irritated with our class. Little did we know not even half of the class turned in their vocabulary homework! But as the day went by, it didn’t get any easier. During lunch, I had to go fix my Gamma Rocket project. Plus that, none of my partners in my group helped me or even participated. So, I basically had to build my rocket on my own. I had only twenty minutes left of lunch, so I decided to walk to the lunch tables. As I slowly approach the table, I here people arguing. So, I decided to ask what happen.

“Hey guys. What’s going on?” I asked.

“Everybody is arguing about the end of the year party, plus everyone is attacking Gilbert,” said Tom.

I began to think to myself, why is this even relevant to them? Little did you know, it causes nothing but drama. So, I decided to walk where my bestfriend,Gilbert, was sitting.

“Hey bestfriend,” I said.

“What’s up?” said Gilbert.

“Nothing. But everyone is trying to start drama, like it’s the end of the year,” I stated.

“I know, but don’t worry about it bro,” said Gilbert.

We began to walk to the a la carte, and I started to get somewhat irritated. Not at the fact that everyone is starting drama, but that everybody thinks that Sean and I are dating. Like what the heck! Just because he and I are very close and hangout everyday, that doesn’t mean I like him or he likes me. It’s 2019! I wish everybody would grow up and just leave it alone. After we bought our food, we began to walk back to the table. You wouldn’t believe what some boy said.

“Aye Gilbert, is that your girlfriend?” laughed Austin.

“Bro shut up! She’s just my best friend,” angrily said Gilbert.

I’m glad lunch was almost over. Everybody was annoying me. As my sixth hour quickly passed, Gilbert and I walked to seventh hour together. I was so displeased by everybody today. As I got home, I thought about how I should spend my next few weeks. I shouldn’t worry about any stupid drama, I ought to cherish these last few moments with everyone. Although we are all friends, I may never see some of these people again.

In conclusion, junior high will always be our best years. That’s the place where you find yourself, find your friends, and experience new things. Besides that, don’t waste your time on drama, make those years the best. These are memories to cherish, because you’ll never be able to do it again.


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: Junior High Ministry

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