Classes in Junior High

In elementary school, you have one teacher to teach you all the core subjects. When moving from elementary to junior high, there are many things that change like older kids, no recess, and having PE and your other elective daily. But the biggest change of all is having different teachers and classes for different subjects instead of one teacher for multiple subjects. To clarify, you have a teacher for math, another for English, and so on. I asked students and teachers if they prefer elementary with one teacher or middle school where you go from class to class.

Both students interviewed agree with each other. Switching classes is better. “You get to move around more,” Noah Jackson says. Carter Giannetti says that he likes the opportunity to stretch out more. He remembers the elementary horrors of staying still at desks just about all day. Additionally, he was extremely annoyed at having to clean out desks every once in a while. Both students agree with the fact that you get to meet with more people instead of just a classful of 30 or so people.

The teachers also have the same thoughts as the students. For instance, 7th grade math teacher Ms. Dewarrat says, “Teachers get one subject to focus on, making teaching easier for us.” She also says that it breaks school days apart. Ms. Byers, an 8th grade science teacher states that, “Students need to have a content expert.” If a teacher knows better, the students will learn more. She got a degree in science, so she knows lots about science. But, she knows very little about other subjects.

There are more benefits to switching classes too. The passing period allows you to talk and stretch out. Also, as stated before, you get to meet more students and teachers. However, there are a few things that can improve. During this time, you are allowed to use phones, go to the bathroom, and talk. But, four minutes is not the most time. People might want to enjoy a quick snack or take a bit longer of a break to make up for a recess. If students do this, they may receive 8th hour for being late. In conclusion, the majority of students, staff, and teachers agree that classes in middle school are much more beneficial.


By: Alex Arevalo

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