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Minecraft Game

Mojang’s Minecraft has been a hit game for years across the world. In fact, around 176 million copies have been sold worldwide since the initial release date in 2009. Minecraft is a great game that everyone seems to love. It is available on any platform you can think of. It may seem like a simple survival game, but it is much more than that. Obviously, there are many fans of this game, afterall, it is not that challenging.

Minecraft is by no means a boring game where you have to do the same things. In Minecraft,  you have a few game modes you can choose from. These modes are survival, creative, and minigames. The main and most popular mode is survival, which is really entertaining and exciting. During the survival game mode, you can choose three difficulties; easy, normal, and hard. In survival, you attempt to survive by mining materials, farming food, and building a shelter. It is important that you build a shelter and be alert for mobs (mobs are short for mobile – any living creature. When you say mob, it is mostly referred to the dangerous monsters,) like skeletons, spiders, creepers, zombies and lots more as they can kill you. If you do decide to fight, be ready with a good sword. In creative, you have access to unlimited resources and build whatever your heart desires. Here, you can unleash your creative side. Lastly, in the minigame mode, you have a player vs player duel. However, throughout all of the modes, you have the option for online play on a variety of platforms (PS4, Xbox, and Switch require online subscriptions).

In my opinion, Minecraft is the best game I have ever played. It is a great time killer, has straightforward controls, not complex ones where you have to press multiple buttons to perform an action, and the gameplay is smooth and stellar. Once again, the central idea is to survive or build. Mining, building, and crafting are fun and uncomplicated. Overall, it is an amazing game. For $7-$30 (depends on platform) this is well worth the money. Buy it today, you will have no regrets.


By: Alex Arevalo

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