8th Hour

8th hour is a punishment given teacher for not having the right materials, not doing homework, or being late for class. If you violate one or more of these things, you’ll get 8th hour. During the consequence, you stay in the classroom where the teacher gives you 8th hour and makes you sit quietly and get any homework done, for about 30 minutes. The idea of 8th hour came to Greenfield Jr. High in the fall of 1995, at the time the students there weren’t very happy with the new decision. Some students ditched 8th hour and others complained about it. 8th hour has stayed relatively the same over time, it used to be where if you got 8th hour you’ll go to the library with two or three teachers for 30 minutes. Now you stay in the classroom with the teacher who assigned you 8th hour. 

Some pros and cons to 8th hour are that the students are more likely to turn in homework on time but- like stated earlier- some students decide to ditch 8th hour. The majority of parents aren’t even happy when their child gets 8th hour. In fact, most parents feel that it’s an inconvenience when their child receives 8th hour. Personally I oppose to 8th hour, I feel like a consequence like a drop in your grade to be more reasonable than staying after school for 30 minutes. Though 8th hour does help with things like getting homework done, making sure that students get to their classes on time, and making sure students have the correct material. But overall I really don’t like 8th hour because it’s a bit of an overkill punishment.    


By: Daniel Garcia

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