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Ms. Brozak

Ms. Brozak is one of the amazing new additions to our campus staff this year. She teaches eighth grade and honors math after graduating college less than a year ago. Brozak even went to school here at Greenfield Junior High. She has a fun background and interesting plans for the future. 

On June 10, Ms. Brozak was born in Arizona. At a young age she thought that she wanted to become a marine biologist, but ended up going to Arizona State University and became the beloved math teacher we all know today. Straight out of college, Ms. Brozak graduated in May of 2019. She wants to help kids understand a subject that they typically don’t like. Brozak believes that her mom is partially responsible for her success today, as she constantly inspired her to expand her knowledge.“I helped teach in the room over (Ms. Smith’s) for a while last year,” she said. Because of this, she was instantly drawn to teaching at this school after graduation. Her main challenge when starting her career was the time she went to bed and the time she got up. “I’m not really a morning person,” said Brozak. She plans on teaching here for as long as possible, but once she retires, she would like to run her own pet shelter for senior dogs. Although she does not own any pets herself she is very interested in marine life and animals. A fun fact is that she also enjoys reading and the color purple. Currently, she is coaching the volleyball team as it is her favorite sport.

Clearly, Ms. Brozak is an amazing teacher who only wants the best for her students. We hope to have her teaching on our campus for many years to come.


By: Alessy Madero

Photo Credits: Alessy Madero

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