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Fire Drills

Fire drills are some of the most essential moments of your life because fires are real and they can break out at school. The majority of people think fire drills are useless, tedious, and just made to make students go outside and sweat. In reality, the truth is the exact opposite.

Panic surges through everyone’s body as soon as the fire alarm goes off. This is surprising because it’s a monthly occurrence. Obviously, this would be fine if no one jumped out of their desk and ran around screaming like a chicken with their head cut off. Teachers then have to make futile attempts in order to calm everyone down before exiting the building.

For the most part, leaving the building during a fire drill is like leaving after school is over. Everybody hits the ground running. However, as teachers will remind students throughout the year, that is not safe. You should leave your classroom and the school as cool as a cucumber.

Depending on the building your second hour is in, that is where you will line up on the fields. Much to the adult’s dismay, the students don’t normally stay in very straight lines. Remember, to make sure everyone is safe, teachers need to be able to count an accurate number of students. Eventually- after the teachers have taken attendance- the school makes an announcement instructing everyone to go back to class. Honestly, people must think it’s a race to get back to class. The problem is, someone could get hurt if this continues (the exact thing fire drills are trying to prevent). Therefore, make sure to walk back to your class.

As another reminder, nothing should be going outside with you. A fire drill is not an excuse to have snack time or game time. It’s designed to make sure everyone knows what to do if there was a fire. For this reason, it’s essential to listen to your teacher’s instructions. To sum up, you shouldn’t be running at any time during a fire drill, being disorderly, or sneaking any items outside. This is on the grounds that next time that fire alarm goes off, it might not be a drill.


By: Peyton Erb

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