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Instagram Craze

Social media has been apart of our lives now for a little over two decades. The majority of people can’t go a single day without checking up on their favorite celebrities current posts, or the latest fashion trends. But what truly is the most favored social media? 

I surveyed one hundred people to see what their favorite social media is. Here are the results: 

8. Tied for last place was: Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit. (0 votes)     

7. Twitter (1 vote)

6. Pinterest (3 votes)

5. YouTube (11 votes)

4. Either doesn’t have social media or doesn’t like it. (12 votes)

3. Snapchat (20 votes)

2. TikTok (25 votes) 

And the number one favorite social media is…

  1. Instagram (28 votes)


Judging by the pole, it is very clear to see that Instagram is the most popular social media here at Greenfield. It took the lead with 28% of the votes, and many other students agree with the pole.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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