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Cameron Moses

Cameron Moses is in the 7th grade. Cami was born on March 5, 2007 in  Gilbert, Arizona and she is 12 years old. Cami is also an only child. She said, “yes I like being an only child sometimes.” Cami is a true animal lover and therefore she has two dogs and one pet goldfish.

Next, Cameron’s favorite subject in school is English because she loves writing. Her least favorite is Social Studies. After school, Cami loves figerskatting. Cami’s favorite part of figerskatting is any trick that involves jumping. She skates at her local rink AZ Ice. She puts a lot of time into figerskatting, in fact she’s at the rink almost everyday. As a result, she’s a magnificent figure skater.

Finally, Cameron is a very nice person and a  great friend. She loves hanging out with her friends and playing with her pets. She is an amazing person and loves helping people. Cami is a great skater and a great person.


By: Avery Frarer

Photo Credits: Avery Frarer

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