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The Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks are Arizona’s major league baseball team. The Diamondbacks play at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The D’backs won the world series in 2001. The D’backs won against the New York Yankees. After the D’backs won they became the fastest expansion team in the major leagues to win a championship. The D’backs also won the west division titles in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2011. 

The Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman/ outfielder, Ketle Marte, recently played in the 2019 All-Star Game. Where he hit a double. David Peralta (also known as the “Freight train”) is the Diamondbacks left fielder. He recently had a shoulder injury, and was placed on a 10 day injured list. Archie Bradly is a pitcher for the D’backs and is also known by some people by his beard. Within this team, there are 33 members.

The author, Avery Frarer, in 2018 at Chase Field for an Arizona Diamondback’s game.

Fun fact 1: The Arizona D’backs mascot Baxter the, bobcat was named by Jay Bell’s the second baseman on the Arizona D’backs in 1998. Jays son gave the team’s manager the idea in 1998 and Baxter was born in 2000.

Fun fact 2: The D’backs were awarded an expansion franchise on March 9, 1995 to begin playing for the 1998 season. On January 16, 1997 the D’backs were officially voted into the national league.

Fun fact 3: Chase Field was a top five hitter park in Major League baseball. Then some things happened, so the Arizona Diamondbacks are now not in the category anymore.



By: Avery Frarer

Photo Credits: Avery Frarer

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