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Saint Patrick’s Day 101

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday on March 17th. The U.S. celebrates with four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and a whole lot of green. However, the U.S. isn’t the only country who celebrate St. Pat’s Day, many other countries do especially in Northern Ireland, the homeland of St. Patrick’s Day.

Also called “The Feast of St. Patrick.” This day became a holiday back in the 4th century A boy at the age of 16 whose name was St. Patrick was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave. Later, he escaped only to return in the year 432 to help spread the word of Christianity to the Irish. Succeeding, he had established monasteries, churches and schools. He was so famous people wrote about him. Therefore on March 17, 461, St. Patrick’s day of death, the Irish made it a tradition to throw a feast and parade in his honor.

Due to Ireland being the homeland of St. Pat’s Day, they are the most passionate about this holiday. Every St. Patrick’s Day everyone no matter what age get off of work or school for a celebration held in Trafalgar Square or Covent Garden. This is also to allow travelers to experience the Irish culture including food, crafts, dance and music. This weekend long extravaganza that includes a tremendous parade dedicated to the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is all around the world, sometimes it’s a meeker holiday, passed aside like some others. Yet, in other parts of the world it’s one of the most appreciated. Hopefully this’ll help you get more excited when March 17th rolls around again. 


By: Samantha Chapman

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