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The Blizzard

 It was the last day of the week before all the kids at Woodbury Elementary school went on winter break. Instead of leaving, I waited for Casey, my younger sister. When her jacket popped out from around the corner, I raced over there and quickly grabbed her hand, eager to get home.

“Sis, wait!” she said with a yelp. Looking back, I followed my eyes towards her twinkled-toe shoes and saw one untied. Letting out a heavy sigh I began tying the lace into a bow. “Finished” I said, “let’s get home.”


The landscape around us became a snowy oblivion making everything disappear except our footprints. Somehow I could see the bus stop through the thick snow, shouting, I shouted,  “There it is!” And ran towards the blue bench only momentarily stopping to take a gasp of air. After awhile, the storm started growing worse by the second as Casey huddled closer to me, I wrapped my arms around her.


The sound of screeching metal could be heard from down the street, while bright lights shined through the snow. Slowly waking Casey I packed my things up in preparation for the ride home. When the silver blue-jet bus finally came into view, making a slow puttering stop I looked over at Casey. She was awake but exhaustion could be easily seen.

Once we got onboard a wave of fear hit me like a tsunami. I fearfully glanced back at the driver who had just closed the doors, and scurried over to my seat. When the bus started moving I couldn’t help but grasp onto the leather seats, my stomach churning as we made our way along down the road. With an effort to calm this sudden sickness the bus dramatically squealed to a halt. Confused I stood up and the last thing I remember hearing was a tremendous boom. 


I woke up to find myself on the still snowy ground. The dreadful blizzard had ceased to exist, the only reminder it had ever happened. An ear splitting ring came from every direction and a burning pain which prevented me from moving too much. My wandering eyes landed on  blue-jet bus ablaze causing it to stand out from everything else. Reality slowly hit as I begin questioning my surroundings. However, I could only do so much as the world slowly faded away.


I awake yet again, this time instead of snow though, I was lying in bed in a dark room. The moonlight spilled through the curtains. My eyes adjusted to the poorly lit room and I slid off the bed, walked over to the outlet, and flipped it on causing the room to light up. Searching the room for any signs of reinsurance, finally noticing the aching numbness my body felt. My arm was wrapped up all the way to my shoulder, and my waist, left leg and right foot were wrapped as well, some extending more than others, some not. Despite the consequences I unwrapped a section of the bandage to reveal a big purple bruise. Still in a daze I replaced the bandage and finally began to question everything.

“What happened?” I asked myself. 


By: Samantha Chapman

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