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The Earth’s Lungs Are Burning

 The Amazon Rainforest, also known as the Earth’s lungs, has been on fire for 4 weeks. While the cause has not been determined, the rainforest had an unusually dry season, which lead to the fires spreading. The forest has a usual burn, a controlled burn, but this fire became out of control. Brazil called a State of Emergency, because of the raging 80,000 fires this year. As the number of fires increase, greenhouse gas emissions are rising too. 

Social media took this topic by storm. Celebrities, environmentalists, and non-governmental organizations have put together many plans and efforts to stop this monstrosity. Although, when this surfaced the internet, it had already been burning for ten to fifteen days. Som hashtags people are using to spread awareness include; #PrayForAmazonas #theamazonrainforest #SaveTheAmazon #PrayForAmazonia. Many broadcasting services had not reported on the fires until almost every social media platform was murmuring about it. 

French leader Emmanuel Macron, offered twenty-two million dollars ($22 million) for  relief efforts. leader Jair Bolsonaro, declined the offer. Until Emmanuel apologize for the rude remarks he made towards Brazil. Brazil’s chief of staff implied that the money should be used, “to reforest Europe.”  The fires are so large, that a NASA satellite image shows the smoke. The smoke resembled clouds in the photos, and over (1000) miles away in Brazil, the sky was dead black in the daytime. There are more than 2,500 fires active in the rainforest now. The forest is still on fire with no end in sight.


By: Addison Gilbert

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