The Truth: How Many Senses do we Have?

  Everyone knows the basic five senses, hearing, vision, taste, touch, and smell. But is that all we have? We actually have anywhere from 22 to 33 senses. It is interesting that the lesser-known senses are the most frequently used..    

          Equilibrioception is your sense of balance.  It allows you to walk or run without falling flat on your face. Some animals have a better ability to walk on a thin fence or a tightrope than others, this is an example of this sense. Nociception is the medical term used to describe pain, hot, cold, or a physical injury, they are the most regular types of pain. Nociceptors recognize anything that could damage the human body, such as pressure, pinching, and chemicals. Nociceptors are very quick to recognize something that could hurt you. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense your body in your environment. It allows you to do something without constantly thinking about what you’re doing. It sends a signal to your brain telling you what you’re doing. Sensing your arm is above your head with your eyes closed would be proprioception. Your body knows how to adjust from walking on dirt to walking on gravel. 

         Some fun facts about our unique senses! Most people can hear and smell fear. Our sense of smell is our oldest scent. Eighty percent  of what we think we taste is actually smell. So it is true that we have very many many senses. 22 to 33 possible senses opposed to the basic five senses.


By: Addison Gilbert

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