Alcatraz Reunion – Part Three

Derek Moore stepped off his plane to America and made his way to the baggage claim.

He picked up his suitcases and caught a taxi to the Excalibur hotel. He was in Florida, about a mile from Clarence Anglin’s last reported location. He wouldn’t stay at the hotel for very long. He was just dropping off his suitcases before heading to the police station.

As he entered the station, he was greeted by two cops talking to a bearded man covered in tattoos.

The officers who were talking to the man didn’t know Derek. Thus, they were nervous when he barged into the station unannounced.

Derek took no notice of that. All he said was, “Have you been anywhere besides the No Vacancy Motel in the past two days?”

The man shook his head.

“Did you notice an old man behind your truck?”
The man shook his head again.

Derek turned towards the police officers. “What was the license plate number of the missing squad car?” he asked.

One of the cops finally spoke up.

“Who are you and why should we tell you?” the officer asked.

“My name is Derek Moore. I was a guard at Alcatraz during the escape. I just need to know what the license plate number is!”

The second cop pulled out a Post-It note and scrawled some information on it, before handing it to Derek.

Derek rushed over to the nearest computer and entered the information into the database.

Security footage of roads all across the state showed up where the license plate recognition algorithm had spotted cars that had the same plate. There were a few that could clearly not be it, but Derek could weed those out fast.

“Can I use one of your squad cars?” he asked.

Moments later, Derek was speeding across the highway, sirens blaring, searching for Clarence.

Another cop, Officer Marylin Jennings, was in the passenger seat, glancing at the security footage and giving out directions.

“Stop,” she said. “It appears the squad car pulled up to the Ritz Cracker Motel.”

She gave directions,  and he followed them until they arrived at a beat-up motel. Sure enough, the squad car was in the parking lot.

Officer Jennings, followed by Derek, walked into the motel. They were greeted by a putrid smell worse than anything they had ever smelled before, along with a sleeping man surrounded by various beverage cans.

They shook him awake and he yelled in shock before calming down.

“What can I do you for?” he said.

Derek held up a picture of Clarence.

“Have you seen this man?”

The man said, “Yeah. Just checked in here. He’s in room 12.”

They were off before the man could even ask why they needed him.

In no more than a couple of minutes, they had located room 12 and were knocking on the door.

“Police! Open up!” Officer Jennings yelled.

Nobody answered, so Officer Jennings kicked open the door.

All they saw was an open window.

Derek and Jennings approached the window slowly. Jennings climbed out with caution.

She was immediately struck in the face by Clarence, who was hiding outside.

Jennings, not noticing the streak of blood coming out of her nose, socked him in the stomach and kicked him in the face.

Clarence retaliated with several sharp hits to the cheek, the last of which knocked her to the ground, unconscious.

Derek jumped out the window, grabbed Clarence’s head and bashed it against the side of the motel. He did this over and over until Clarence was bleeding very badly.

The world was wobbly and spinning around Clarence. He stumbled forward while Derek was taking a breath. He was able to pick up a fallen tree branch and strike Derek across the head.

The strike didn’t knock him out, but it did give Clarence enough time to get away.

Derek struggled to his feet. Without a second thought, he picked up Officer Jennings and stumbled off.

He walked for about 30 minutes before he got to the police station.

Officer Jennings was given immediate medical treatment, while Derek refused it, claiming he was fine.

Later, when asked what happened, he gave them the information they needed and sent two cops to find him.

He and some other cops went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant where they got burritos and discussed past life experiences and such.

The waiter came over to hand them the check. As Derek glanced over to thank the waiter, he knew something was amiss.

The waiter had Clarence’s face.

His eyes darted over to the officers. They also had Clarence’s face.

Derek stood up and looked around the restaurant. It hit him like a train. Everyone had Clarence’s face.

Derek’s head went light. He saw flashes of light in his eyes like fireworks.

He toppled onto the ground, and the last thing he saw before blacking out was multiple Clarence Anglins kneeling over him.

To be continued…

By: Brig Larson

Photo Credits:

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