An Appalling Lack of Soap

It doesn’t take long for one of the boys’ restrooms often runs out of soap. While that may be bad, the worst part is that it can remain without soap for days, sometimes even weeks. Some restrooms are even missing soap dispensers. The point is, the lack of respect for the restrooms is slowly evolving beyond pranks and into a serious hygiene issue.

There is clearly a problem with students who love using bathrooms as a place to vape in secret or as ground zero for vandalism and pranks. However, the restrooms often stay in a dilapidated state for a long time, making it seem as if student hygiene isn’t a huge priority. If they did, there would be more soap in the restrooms, toilets would be fixed quicker, along with multiple other problems regarding the bathrooms.

When asked about this issue, Mr. Yee claimed he couldn’t do anything about it. The only way that could be true is if there is a shortage of soap, which there isn’t. After all, multiple stores in this area sell soap for a fairly cheap price.

Then again, the issue could lie in budget. The district may have lowered funding for janitorial supplies, decreasing the amount they could spend on soap. Either way, the school should make improvements to the restroom a higher priority. With a lack of soap in the restrooms, along with the fact that the cold and flu season is fast approaching, disease could spread around the school.

When students spend approximately seven hours of their day in school, during which they eat lunch, hygiene needs to be a higher priority. The school could effectively stop a school-wide disease outbreak and improve the welfare of students if they would care more about the restrooms.

By: Brig Larson

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