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Valuable Volleyball Players

To begin with, our school is full of a wide array of talented athletes from speedy runners to grand slam hitters. There is also a special group of talented 7th grade girls. Our 7th grade girls volleyball team is full of skilled and strong individuals. There is a total of 13 girls and two coaches. 

All of the girls have bonded over the practices they’ve had. It was a pleasure to be able to go to one of their marvelous practices. Everyone got along well and seemed to like each other. “It’s amazing to be on a team with people I’m already friends with,” Roxcy Johnson (7)- the back right player- told me. The entire team is are really hard workers inside and outside of volleyball. At every practice all the girls work their vigorously and try their best. The girls are diving and sliding to get the ball every time it’s passed to them. All 13 girls put their heart and soul into the game. Everyday after school, the volleyball team spends two and a half hours working their butt off. On a normal practice day they work on everything from passing and setting, to serving and playing a game called queens. Queens is a game where you try and score and- if you score- move to the winning side. The 7th grade volleyball team has won a total of 10 Superstition Conference Championships over the years, though they haven’t won a State Championship yet.

Lastly, the volleyball team is amazing and gifted with 13 amazing and talented girls. It is likely that this year’s team is going to win another championship.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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