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GSC or SSR, is where students in their second period spend more or less than half an hour honing their reading skills or staying in another class to improve that subject. The classes for GSC are math and English. Most students argue that “reading is unnecessary and boring, ” says one student. While the one other says, “reading is fun, you get to go into a world different from our own and experience the main characters story.” Some students may agree with this argument, some won’t. However, with teachers they’re fully passionate about GSC. In an interview with Mrs. Parsons an 8th grade English and Yearbook/Newspaper teacher she acknowledged Mr. Segebart, a science teacher that, “Our reading rate has dropped down and if you can’t read, you can’t do any other subject.” Both teachers agree that GSC is important for students’ education. 

Gsc was first set in motion around 2011 when the Gilbert school district decided that our reading level had cascaded downward. Deciding to cut off the bell schedule and give students the time to read as well as learning for those with poor reading skills. In 2018, the district decided to modify GSC to where students would be taken out of class for a certain subject. This worked for awhile and the school disbanded GSC for the time being until 2019 where it returned. 

That’s what GSC is and how it was made. What do you think about GSC? For me, I think it’s great, allowing me to fantasize into another world with interesting characters and story arc. But that’s just my opinion and I hope you’ve learned more about our school. 


By: Samantha Chapman

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