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Mini Holidays in October

When any kid thinks of the month of October, they usually think of Halloween. Seemingly, in the minds of many teenagers- whether or not they admit it and younger kids- Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays. On the other hand, adults, more commonly than not, don’t like it very much because of the amount of money that goes into buying costumes and/or candy. This fact stands true despite it not being until the very last day in October. At the same time, however, kids fail to realize there are daily holidays throughout the entire year.

As an example, a well-known holiday is Columbus Day, which was on Monday, October 14th this year. Without including Halloween and Columbus Day, there’s an average of 64 holidays in October 2019. There are many different types of these unrecognized holidays. It’s purpose may even be to appreciate something as simple as food. They also may be funny or serious, as well as to honor a group of individuals. For instance, according to, this year, on Oct. 2nd, was “Name Your Car Day”.  Another fun one is, as stated in, is “National Taco Day” on Sunday, October 4th. In addition- paired with Halloween- on Thursday, October 31 is “Increase Your Psychic Powers Day”.

As for the more serious days, tells us “World Mental Health Day” was on Saturday, the 10th. Likewise, “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty” is said to be on the 17th by Also, on October 27th, the U.S. celebrates their navy with “Navy Day”. Furthermore, two days later (the 29th) is “World Stroke Day”. This holiday is designed to spread awareness of strokes; causes, treatments, possibility rates, and more.

Lastly, not only are there daily holidays throughout the year, but also monthly one. To clarify these “holidays” last all month long. To illustrate, the month of October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” according to Not to mention, that same website says it’s also “National Pizza Month” and “Sarcastic Month”.

Of course, as previously stated there are plenty more mini holidays in October. After all, there’s basically two per day. If you wish to learn more of them then visit and/or Don’t forget to enjoy “White Cane Safety Day” today.


By: Peyton Erb

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