Teen Depression

As our society has evolved so has the depression rate, jumping around the 24 million children at the ages of 12-17, young teens and teenagers, which is the greater likelihood age to be diagnosed with depression. But why is this important and what causes depression to begin with? 

Depression is a mental health disorder that bases near moods and emotional trauma. Much like other health disorders depression affects yourself both physically as well as mentally. Commonly, it’s developed after experiencing or feeling a situation such as; any type of abuse, loss of loved one, family dissolution, gender dysphoria, school issues, etc. Teens experiencing this have a higher risk at being exposed to depression, symptoms of this are having a low performance in cherished subjects, having suicidal thoughts, et cetera. 

When being at risk of this mental health disorder, talking to other people like these three, parents, friends, or a psychologist is genuinely the best way to help cope. Not to mention it can help from suicidal thoughts occurring, leading to self-harm or death. As you can see, depression is no joke. If you or your friends, say things such as; “I wish I was dead,” or “No one cares” as well anything else negative evolving around themselves and others, it is necessary to help them immediately.

Billions to trillions of people feel like their not good enough for this world, creating a risk to themselves. Therefore, when you see someone with these signs, help them. You might just save their life and help make the world a better place.


By: Samantha Chapman

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