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Bullying is one of the biggest problems schools have especially when it comes to stopping it. Bullying is the act of using force in order to dominate or intimidate someone repeatedly . There are many forms of bullying such as individual, physical, verbal, relational, cyber, collective, and mobbing. On top of that there are many different contexts of bullying. Surprisingly, bullying is very common within the military. With the most common type of bullying is physical and is mostly used to victimize others. Even some parents are guilty of bullying their own children, likely because they feel like they need to control their children but sometimes it gets too far. Teachers do indeed sometimes bully their own students and is especially common with children who have disabilities. One interesting incident happened on April of 2012 when a father of an autistic boy released a video of evidence that his son was being bullied his own teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School in New Jersey. Of course the teacher got fired and the autistic boy is at a new school where he is doing well. 

Next I’ll look at the most common types of bullying, in schools. Bullying can happen in any part of a school bathrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and more. But bullying happens more frequently in physical education classes like P.E or recess. Usually, bullies taunt their target before engaging in any physical related bullying. In 2016, a Candain mother of a son who was being bullied in school filed a court case against the school itself and actually ended up winning. This was one of the first reported incidents of a school neglecting bullying. Schools try to take action in order to stop bullying by putting up posters on walls or talking to their students about taking action when bullying happens. In my opinion, putting up posters around the school is really ineffective, they should really try harder to stop it. For instance teachers gathering around their students to talk about bullying is more effective in my opinion. Bullying mostly exist in schools because no student wants to report it or, the bully does get punished but not enough so he/she keeps on doing it. I can’t figure out how to stop bullying but there are people out there who can stop it or at the very least make it less likely that someone will be bullied. So in my eyes don’t tolerate bullying and schools should try harder to stop it.


By: Daniel Garcia

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  1. This is such a great post! My heart goes out to anyone who is bullied. I feel their pain because during school, I was bullied for six long years! It got so bad that I attempted suicide and almost didn’t make it.

    The torment didn’t stop until I moved away to a new school. Only then was I able to rebuild my life.

    I want to tell anyone who’s bullied that they won’t always be a victim and that life does get better! My life did and their can too.

    I also want to let them know that they are not alone and that no matter how others may treat them, they are the strongest, bravest and most awesome people!

    Just hold on! The Best is Yet to Come!!!!!


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