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Dying Coral Reefs

It is no surprise that coral reefs are one of the natural beauties of the underwater world. They are so important and necessary for our oceans. But sadly, their population is depleting rapidly.

To begin with, coral reefs are known for their vibrant colors. Ranging from beautiful blues and yellows, to it’s radiant greens and pinks. Lately, those glorious colors have been turned into dull grays and whites. Some parts of the Great Barrier Reef are dead, to be specific, over 500 miles of it. These dying reefs have been an effect of coral mining, pollution, overfishing, people digging canals, climate change, and coral bleaching. “… [a]s a result, 50% of the Earth’s coral reefs have died in the past 30 years.” says Secore International. believes that, within the next century, 90% of the coral reefs will be dead. Coral reefs are animals,  humans are hurting with their carelessness. They are also a home for a vast majority of ocean life. Coral reefs are like an oasis in a desert, providing food, shelter and water for marine life. In fact says, though coral reefs only cover 0.01% of ocean floors, they provide a home for over 25% of ocean animals. If our beloved coral reefs are gone for good, we would be in some major trouble. Experts predict hunger, and the livelihoods of people or entire countries would disappear. Once the remaining coral is dead, it will die and erode, destroying important marine life feeding grounds and homes.

Although, the amount of dying reefs has had a dramatic increase in a matter of a few years, we can still reverse what has happened. For example:


    1. Plant trees, trees reduce runoff, which can damage coral reefs (

    2. Reduce your carbon footprint (

    3. Use less water

      1. Use organic fertilizer to avoid chemicals getting into the ocean (

      2. Be a responsible tourist, don’t touch marine life

      3. Keep our oceans clean

      4. Don’t purchase coral souvenirs

      5. Oppose global warming; global warming affects the water temperature which can lead to dying reefs

      6. Inform others about dying coral reefs

In conclusion, coral reefs are important and necessary for our ocean. They provide shelter and safety for wandering marine life. It may seem like there is nothing you can. It’s as easy as walking or biking to school or work, planting more trees, and telling others. Spread the news to family or friends, maybe even social media. Also, next time you’re at the beach, think about the coral reefs.

By: Jyllian Skoda

Photo Credits:

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