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Youtube is a widely successful American video sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. Youtube was Created in February of 2005 by a couple of former PayPal employees. Then in 2006, Google bought Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars. Youtube allows people to upload and share their videos onto the website. Youtube’s main appeal is that you don’t need billions of dollars to be famous. all you need is some personality, talent, and a bit of editing skills. Users can upload whatever they want as long as it does violate any of Youtube’s community guidelines or terms of service. You can even make money off of Youtube by ad revenue. Of course Youtube does have a bucket load of problems with their algorithm, Copyright, inconsistencies with their own community guides lines, and way more incidents of problems.
Now what do I think of Youtube? Well personally, I love using the app any time I can, but I did encounter problems when watching videos. The content creators on the site are a bit of a mixed bag. Of course whether or not the Youtuber is watchable or not is up to you. On one end the content creators love uploading videos, but on the other end it seems random whether or not their videos get taken down or not. There are different categories of content which can separate different ideas from conflicting with others such as gaming, movies, fashion, and more. Youtube also features a like and a dislike button in which you can give a Youtuber feedback on whether or not the video was enjoyable, I think the addition is necessary especially if people are going to make a living off of Youtube. On top of that, you can subscribe to a content creator if you want to support his/her content and get notified when the Youtuber uploads. So in my opinion, while Youtube has plenty of down-sides to it, I really enjoy using it. So on a scale of one to ten I give youtube an eight out of ten, I love using but it sure does have a bucket load of problems.


By: Daniel Garcia

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