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Chipotle is one of, if not the most popular Mexican food restaurant. It has many different options that you like a bowl or a burrito. Chipotle was founded on July 13, 1993 in Denver, Colorado. As of 2018 there are about 2,500 Chipotle locations in the world. The founder of Chipotle is Mr. Steve Ells and the headquarters are in Newport Beach, California. 

To start, Chipotle opened their first restaurant in Arizona with a drive thru, and has more planned for the valley. Chipotle even has a meme, “Chipotle is my life”. They have  lately been coming out with new products. A fun event Chipotle did was let their Instagram followers assemble a dream bowl, and is now one of their specials. At Chipotle, you have the option to create your own dish, like a buffet, so it appeals to everybody. 

I personally think Chipotle is a fantastic restaurant. I feel that just like the meme, Chipotle is my life. If I had to give Chipotle a rating, I would give it a nine out of ten because it may be amazing it isn’t the best restaurant in Arizona. Also, if you are a mexican food lover, I recommend Chipotle. Lucky for you, there are Chipotle locations all over, so most likely there is one by you.


By: Avery Frarer

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