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Modern Peppa Pig

We all know the beloved childhood star, Peppa Pig. Her little brother George, Mommy Pig, and Daddy Pig. They play in muddy puddles, and play along with friends. But, have you ever seen Peppa like this?

What would Peppa be like if she was a human girl? The little girl would probably be up with all the trends. She would most likely have tons and tons of scrunchies. Peppa would also have as many hydro-flasks as she can carry. Carmex and Burts Bees chapstick would fill her bookbag. Everyday, she would wear her favorite red knitted dress with brown buttons. 

She would be the popular girl among all of her friends. She would put away her muddy puddle boots, and grab some new stickers for her hydro-flask. Peppa would hang up her magenta bookbag and switch it out for a Fjällräven kanken backpack in pink. She would be the absolute star of TikTok. Peppa would do every dance and make sure all of her friends knew how to do these along with her.

Although, Peppa is not the greatest student. She leaves in her airpods during class, and puts stickers all over her chromebook. During gym, she doesn’t change her crocs to tied close toed shoes. Almost once a day, she gets called to the administrators office for who knows what! Peppa does not do any homework assignments or pay attention in class, because she is too busy making TikTok. After school, peppa goes to the park to watch people play basketball, and hanging out with her friends. 

This has been Peppa Pig as an average Vsco girl on a basic day.


By: Addi Gilbert

Photo Credits:

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