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Top 10 Video Games

Generally people nowadays, especially teens love video games. As the years passed, games go in and out of trend. Therefore, 100 seventh grade students were asked for their favorite video games and here are the results;

7) Apex (1 Vote)

6) Clash of Clans, Madden/NBA 2k*, Zelda* (3 Votes)

5) Mario (5 Votes)

4) Other and None (Tied with 8 Votes)

3) Fortnite (9 Votes)

2) Call of Duty* (10 Votes)

And, the number one loved video game of the seventh grade is…

1) Minecraft (50 Votes)

With Minecraft having 50% of all votes, it crushed the contestants. The world’s second most sold game sold game wins for the school too. Call of Duty reached second, and Fortnite finished off in third. If these games are unfamiliar to you, maybe consider trying one out!

*The game in general, all editions/versions


By: Alex Arevalo

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