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Eragon Movie Review

Most movies being scripted off of a famous novels aren’t as successful as the books. An example of this is, “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” which was inspired by Rick Riordian and his book, “The Lighting Thief.” Fans of the original book consider the movie a catastrophe.

However, in the movie, Eragon correlating off of the book Eragon that is written by Christopher Paloni, fans say it’s a breathtaking experience as the characters come to life with CGI and talented actors.

Due to Eragon’s popularity, becoming a New York Times bestseller for 151 weeks, as said by Google. Stefen Fangmeier, and Peter Buchman, created a movie dedicated to the story. The movie follows the same storyline as the original book with Ed Speelers playing the main character and many other actors who played other characters. To illustrate, Alun Armstrong played Garrow, Christopher Egan played Roran, and Steve Speirs as Sloan, a butcher. This cinematic film  was then released in the year 2006 on December 15th. It made about $249.5 million in the box office as a successful film.

Although it was successful fans still have complaints. Cora Reischi states, “Unfortunately, the movie is so far away from the books you barely can name them the same.  I have been very disappointed from the movie because it had nothing to do with the books.” As well as other statements more contemplating their disappointment with the plot line and characters.

While watching this movie the background was glorious that anyone would drool at the sights as Sapphire, a dragon, soared through the skies with our characters on her back. I never felt bored at all. Although, I do agree with the critics stated, the movie felt as it put everything into special effects and not enough into storyline.

If you intend on watching the movie first, best read the novel as you’ll find more action from the characters although your still free to watch the movie as you wish. Both the novel and the movie will pull you in with the storyline as well as the amazing cinematics.


By: Sam Chapman

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