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“Generation Z” is the Worst Generation Ever

Generation Z is absolutely the worst generation out of any generation. People in this generation were born between 1995 through 2015, there are currently 74 million people in the generation and range from four to twenty-four years old. Based on scientific data this generation is officially the most disliked. Taking a look at their flaws from 2019, many things have been noticed. 

This generation is selfish towards their family and friends. However, this is mostly based on teenagers self-indulgence, ranging around the ages of 13-16. In comparison to their selfishness, this happens because they are glued to mobile devices. Zoning out the real world as well as opposing family or responsibilities, they only acknowledged the actions in phones, tablets, computers, or etc. 

Last, but not least, is their stupidly cringe worthy jokes or “memes”, as they call it.

The humor implicated from these memes are so dull and confusing. An example of this is the Uganda meme. Which is currently “dead”, thanks to the disinterest in kids claiming it as old news. The now old trend was where a Thick Knuckles said hilarious quotes, such as, “Do you know the way?” Talk about annoying.

Generation Z has no perks or values what-so-ever, basing around crude jokes and selfishness. Be glad if you weren’t part of this monstrosity. 

This article is also based on satire, which is purely for exaggeration purposes and not to insult or offend.


By: Sam Chapman

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