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Kalynn Crosby

Born on March 27, 2007, Kalynn Crosby is a 7th grader here at Greenfield Junior High school. She has six other siblings and is the youngest in her family. Kalynn said, “Yes, sometimes I like being the youngest and sometimes I don’t.” KK has two n and one on the way. Kalynn has a dog, and it is a Yellow lab and it is a girl and its name is Mesha. Her favorite subject in school is P.E., even though that is not really a subject. Her least favorite subject is math because she said math is not that fun and it is boring. 

Kalynns hobbies and what she likes to do after school that include playing  basketball and she likes to ride horses. KK said besides riding houses and playing basketball she said she likes to hang out with friends and spend time with her family. Crosby likes and plays basketball but she said she doesn’t know yet if she is going to try out for the school basketball team. For Crosby’s elective at school she does choir and she said that choir is pretty fun. She says she likes choir but sometimes she doesn’t. She said it is all just depending on what they are doing that day in class, She said she like the performance. If you have not met Kalynn or are friends with her you should really talk to her because she is a really great friend, and an awesome person and she is super nice.


By: Avery Frarer

Photo Credits: Avery Frarer

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