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Eragon Book Review

Published by Christopher Paolini at the age of a highschooler. Eragon is an extraordinary book, filled with magical creatures and dangerous adventures.

Eragon is about a young boy whose name is Eragon. He grew up in a farm located at Carvahall along with his Uncle Garrowson and cousin, Roran. At the age of fifteen, Eragon is first introduced hunting a deer in a forest called “The Spine”.  Instead of deer, he finds a lapis colored “stone” and brings it back home to sell. Unfortunately, the butcher declines the “stone” as it came from The Spine which was considered cursed to Sloan, the butcher. Eragon leaves, heading back to the farm where his life changes forever. Laying the “stone” on the windowsill, the “stone” begins to glow revealing a sapphire colored baby dragon. Eragon decides to call her Saphira. After this occurs, the plot unfolds allowing multiple choices for our main character. In order to find out what happens next, reading the book will be the best place to start.

Due to Eragon’s success Christopher has made a total of four books correlating with the first book, these novels are- EldestBrisingr, and Inheritance. Which has been successful just as the first one although haven’t received a movie as Eragon has. 

Out of the 7.53 billion people-or more, living on Earth, around 95% have enjoyed Eragon. A review written by Phantom Fish on states, “It is a very good book and is only insulted by those jealous of the young author’s success.” In another review is Z.A. Sharpe said, “This is an awesome series for anyone who is a fan of fantasy. I personally enjoy it.” Due to the wonderful critics and/or compliments towards the book, a proven fact is that people have had an astonishing experience while reading this novel. Suggestions are open towards this book if you’ve been looking for books to read as comments say it’s quite good.

While reading this, I absolutely loved it, it was a page turner that I couldn’t stop reading. However, complementary to the critics I can agree that some people are jealous of the authors success, one of these people being me. Anyhow, the book was amazing and I recommend it to all. 

Hopefully if you ever consider reading this, you can have a pleasant experience like so many others as this novel has just what you need; Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction and Dystopian Fiction, a perfect combination for anyone to enjoy.


By: Sam Chapman

Photo Credits: Sam Chapman

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