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Nileah Bruce

Eighth grader Nileah Joscline Bruce, or as her friends call her “Ni” is a friendly, and active, role model.

First of all, Nileah has dedicated her life to softball, putting in almost ten hours a week. In almost every photo you see of her, Bruce is wearing her softball uniform. Ni has recently been playing for a club team called Vendetta, where she mostly plays 3rd base or right field. She states “…My favorite part is the adrenaline rush and having fun!” Bruce’s favorite things to do are play softball and hang out with friends. Family time is also really important to her, not to mention animals. “I am really dedicated to my family,” Ni says, “ and I love horses, and any animal really…” Her family consists of three people and one tail wagging dog named Iza. She has one younger brother named, Jace, who is five years old. Bruce really enjoys school and she values hard work and good grades. “I like school because of all my friends,” she says, “and being able to learn more things.” Her favorite class is social studies. “I like social studies because learning about politics is kinda fun, learning about our government is awesome!” Her favorite teachers are Miss Sloan, an eighth grade science teacher, and Miss Reyes, an eighth grade math teacher. Her two best friends in the whole world are Madeleine Dominguez (8) and Daniella Hayes (8).

To sum up, Nileah is an amazing person. She has a good sense of humor, and a big mind. She is a very good student, and dedicates her time to family, friends and softball. Ni is such a caring, confident, and fun person to be around.


By: Jyllian Skoda

Photo Credits: Jyllian Skoda

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