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VSCO and E-girls

A well-known topic for today’s teens is VSCO girls and E-girls. These two groups have become very popular on an app called TikTok, a social platform used to create and share lip-sync, comedy, and other talent videos. Both VSCO girls and E-girls have their basic, stereotypical styles and items that define them. Whether or not these names are referred to as jokes, insults, or even an actual thing, this trend continues to rise in popularity.

Would you believe that the whole VSCO trend began with one app? To be specific, a photo editing app called “VSCO.” This allowed people to make their photos look aesthetic, which, according to, means, “concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.” Some common items owned by these VSCO girls include a Hydro Flask, scrunchies, a shell necklace, a reusable straw, Vans, and friendship bracelets, usually attached to their Hydro Flasks. You might also catch a VSCO girl wearing an oversized T-shirt and lip gloss. To show shock, surprise, or even embarrassment, these girls might say, “And I oop!” or, “sksksk.” Lots of VSCO girls can be found on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

E-girls have actually been a style for quite a while now, though they hadn’t earned the name yet. The original style that is partially responsible for E-girls is emo. In fact, the “E” in E-girl stands for emo, since they are really just emo’s turned down a notch. Almost never keeping their natural hair color, E-girls have been known to take on daring hairstyles such as dyeing it partially lime-green, halfway hot-pink, or even half-black half-white. Common E-girl styles include colorful hair clips, chains, and locks. With a VSCO girl’s aesthetic style and an E-girl’s loosely-based, emo style, both groups have made their own personalities.


By: Alessy Madero

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