New Bell Schedules

Many people hate the dreaded feeling of being forced to wake up so early in the morning for school. School start times can range from 7:00-9:00 am. Different districts have different start times. However, this year, schools will be changing their start times. For instance, Gilbert Public Schools and various California schools will be changing. There are many issues that is forcing the districts to change their start times. There is plenty of provided information on this.

California is a major topic when it comes to schedule changes. It all started when students weren’t getting enough sleep. Soon, people started noticing it and schools needed to take action. Studies have shown that more sleep creates positive outcomes. Some examples include better grades and more focus. Within the following school years, they will push back the time. This will make them the first state to do so. Luckily, some schools have already taken action. These schools had their students evaluated. After evaluation, staff found out that students are sleeping more. Not only that, but grades are higher than before. Clearly, more sleep helps out children immensely.

Locally, there are new start times. In the Gilbert Public Schools school district, they already changed bell schedules this year. Transportation has been an issue recently too. Buses have been late to pick up and drop off and it has been concerning parents. To resolve this, the district adjusted the start times. This year, the district made small, not too long changes to the schedule. The problem has been mostly resolved, but still has some issues.

To conclude, schools across the U.S. are changing start times. Reasons for this include late buses, student performance, and more. Start times have helped out schools and students.


By: Alex Arevalo

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