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The Earth ISN’T a Perfect Sphere

Many people think the Earth as a perfect sphere because of the countless photos from NASA showing Earth in the form of a perfect sphere. but the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, in fact the Earth is a bumpy spheroid which is a sphere but not a perfect sphere. Geologists at the University of Arizona say that the Earth has plasticity shape that allows it to deform. Similar to something like play-doh. On top of that, the total weight of the ocean and atmosphere also cause the deformation of the Earth. Richard Gross, geophysics at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory states, “on the order of a centimeter or so.” In addition to the factors the mass shifts within the Earth altering gravitational anomalies, mountains being created and mountains disappearing due to plate tectonics, and meteor craters on the surface can change the shape of the Earth according to 

Because of the deformation, scientists put in thousands of Global Positioning Receivers on the Earth so they can track the shape of it by millimeters. In order to balance the shape of the Earth, it goes through a natural process called true polar wind. The process goes something like this, the Earth’s surface will rotate in order to evenly distribute mass. Believe or not the first scientist to propose the theory was Issac Newton. He believed that the Earth was  squashed at the North and South pole and he was actually right. Now, you can finally understand that the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, but an oblate spheroid.


By: Daniel Garcia

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